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Problem with your electrical appliances - in RV

Friday April 5, 2013

Problem with your electrical appliances - in RV

This 30 Amps product Surge Guard continuously monitors the power to enter and off when it detects excessive voltage or grounding could damage electronic equipment in your RV.

The device 30 amps wired can be permanently installed in a compartment of the vehicle to protect from theft and damage against the elements. An optional remote LCD easy to use can be added for easy reading of current variations.


Automatic reset on power restoration.

Surge Suppression multimode

Turn off the power automatically when the following elements are present:

neutral open

Low voltage (<102V) and high (> 132 V) voltage

The Attention light indicates:

Incorrectly wired connections

Reverse polarity

boosted voltage

Ease of Installation

Optional Remote Power Monitor LCD (sold separately)


Trailer Lupien specialists will gladly assist you in selecting the model that suits your recreational vehicle. We offer full installation service.

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